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Customer interception on the falling market

Host: Alex Sementsov, Business coach of Eurasian Management & Administration School (EMAS), Director of School of Effective Business, in charge of "Sales Management" module of EMAS MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA programs, Business consultant in Sales Management and Process Management.

11 APRIL 18:15 (GMT+3)


Participants of this webinar will learn how to attack competitors' customer base, both of those who have objectively weakened during the crisis and of those who are actively floundering on the market. You will also learn:
Features of customer behavior on the falling markets
About "loyal" and "changeable" clients in crisis
How to create a "plan of attack" on a competitor's client (super sales tool)
What to do if you could not intercept the client — to become a second supplier!
"There are two states of the economy when it is the best time to intercept competitor's customers: growth and decline. The coming crisis in the economy gives to the best of the best a chance to build a customer base and take competitors out of business.
Alex Sementsov
Business coach of EMAS

Webinar of Alexey Sementsov is a unique chance to learn about the tactics of interception of competitors, as well as to improve your sales skills. Get invaluable experience from a real sales guru and a specialist in the field of business.

Participation is FREE!

The webinar will be conducted in two languages simultaneously through consecutive interpretation.


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